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About Us 

For more than fifty years, Creston Industrial Sales has partnered with a variety of companies—from single-proprietor shops to international manufacturers—to provide reliable and professional tooling services. With more than 200 years of reliable and professional combined field experience and service, Creston has earned a reputation for excellence. Today, from Western Michigan, Creston continues to serve manufacturers, industrial engineers, and end-users who drive the American manufacturing economy.


We provide industrial products and expertise to the metalworking industry in western Michigan. We act as an extension of their team as product application and process experts so that they have a resource that answers questions, supplies products and provides innovative solutions.


Our commitment is to competently and efficiently meet customer manufacturing needs and challenges by carrying out the following objectives:

  • Remain industry experts by regularly attending product classes and supplier training seminars.
  • Ensure optimal operating conditions by reducing customer waste and downtime.
  • Provide professional, expedient, ongoing service and support.